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HEMGENIX®: The journey from science to clinical practice

HEMGENIX®: The journey from science to clinical practice

Part 1: HEMGENIX®: what have we learnt from clinical studies?

Frank Leebeek, Daan Breederveld, Michiel Coppens

This webinar summarises the clinical development of HEMGENIX® and provides an overview of the efficacy, safety and quality of life results from the Phase III (HOPE-B) study.

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Part 2: HEMGENIX®: what are the impacts on clinical practice?

Frank Leebeek, Niamh O’Connell, Daan Breederveld, Shingirai Mutamba, Margaret Nolan, Robert Klamroth

The second webinar focuses on the practical issues associated with HEMGENIX®, including the eligibility assessment process, the multidisciplinary team perspective on infusion day and considerations for follow-up.

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This is part of an ongoing series of webinars. On-demand content from congresses and past webinars are also available in the relevant tabs.